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Callum McKenna

Profiles of adults who are neutral.

Callum McKenna

Postby Callum McKenna » Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:20 pm

the B A S I C S
    Full Name: Callum Matthew McKenna
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Birthdate: May 9
    Blood Status: Muggle
    Heritage: Irish
    Alignment: IRA
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Occupation: Financial advisor by day, leader of his local IRA branch by night.

at S C H O O L
    House: Slytherin, if he’d have been magical, or at Hogwarts.
    Year: N/A
    Quidditch Position: N/A
    House Status: N/A
    Best Subject: Money, guns, and bitches.
    Worst Subject: Winning Irish unification.

the P E R S O N
    Personality: Professional above all else, Callum is the paramilitary leader you would never expect. To his community, he is an upstanding citizen with the best of altruistic intentions. To his men, he’s the strength of an impenetrable leadership. Despite his young age, Callum has taken charge of his men and his duties with all the seriousness they deserve. He is fair and willing to dole out praise and punishment equally. Do well, and you’ll be in his graces. Fuck up, and you’ll be lucky to make it out alive.

    That said, Callum is never impulsive. He’s cautious, practical, and purposeful. He has a solid string of loyalty for those who deserve it, but he knows that at the end of the day, he has to look out for number one. His anger is cold and calculating; if he’s yelling at you, he’s annoyed, but there isn’t much to worry about. If he doesn’t acknowledge your transgression with any outward emotion, then it’s time to worry.

    If the situation requires it, Callum will not hesitate to get his hands dirty. So long as it doesn’t slander his public reputation, of course. He believes that he cannot ask his men to do anything he’s not willing to do himself, and as such, he has committed a whole host of federally punishable crimes, up to and including arms dealing and murder. Have fun proving it, though.

    Likes: Money, hot women, guns, potato pancakes, corned beef.
    Dislikes: Protestants, people telling him what to do, incompetence, disobedience, tea.
    Secrets: His closet is more like a tomb.
    History: Callum was born in Westport, Ireland to a large, very stereotypical Irish family. Growing up with five siblings, Callum's childhood was never boring. In fact, given that his family was always deeply involved with the IRA made things even more interesting. Callum honestly doesn't remember the first time he held a gun; he was too young.

    Despite the four years between them, Callum and his older brother Adrian always got along very well. When he finished school, Adrian went to Uni and became a lawyer; Callum considered following in his footsteps, but eventually decided on finance. Callum was always the one who wanted more cash anyway, despite the fact that their family was not poor by anyone's standards.

    When Callum was 22, his youngest brother, James, got caught trying to smuggle weapons into France. He was seventeen, but funny thing--they take arms dealing pretty seriously in Ireland. He was arrested on terrorism charges and suspected involvement with the provisional IRA. Naturally, the family disinherited his dumb ass and they haven't seen him since. Actually, considering he's serving a life sentence with no chance of parole, they don't intend to see him any time soon.

    Callum officially joined the IRA under his father's successor--a man named Gregory. Callum had learned pretty much everything there was to know through his father, and so despite his young age, when Gregory died two years ago, Callum took up leadership. There was a bit of a turf war for about a week, before Callum capped a bastard, and took his rightful place. No one has questioned him since. At least, no one's around to say they did.

    Callum makes for a different sort of leader than his men are used to. He isn't covered in prison tats; in fact, he's never been in the system. To the rest of the world, Callum is an upstanding citizen. He's involved in his local politics, makes generous contributions to charities and social programs, keeps a successful business in financial advisement, and goes to church every Sunday. And at night he goes home to negotiate arm and drug deals and promote his Irish agenda.
    • Father: Adair McKenna, Muggle, 56, retired lawyer/IRA leader.
    • Mother: Eliza McKenna (originally Eliza O’Connor), 52, Muggle, housewife.
    • Siblings:
      • Adrian McKenna, 31, Muggle, lawyer.
      • Rose McKenna, now Rose Patricks, 29, Muggle, housewife.
      • James McKenna, 24, Muggle, incarcerated for smuggling arms across the English Channel.
      • Zaira McKenna, 21, Muggle, at Uni for biochemistry.
      • Katrina McKenna, 17, Muggle, still in secondary school.
    • Children: None.
    • Other: Sean O’Connor, Muggle, uncle. Malcom O’Connor, 16, half-blood, cousin.

the O U T S I D E
    Appearance: Callum stands about 6’3” and weighs about 225 pounds of solid fucking muscle. Unlike his mother’s typical red-hair and freckled Irish complexion, Callum has even pale skin, dark, straight hair, and bright blue eyes. He tends to wear his facial hair a little on the scruffier side, but that’s mostly because he’s too lazy to shave it every day.

    Callum’s wardrobe is very diverse. He has lots of suits and high-end clothing, which he wears to work and around town. When he’s working his other job, however, it’s often jeans or cargos and a beater.

    At any given time, Callum is carrying at least his Beretta nine mil and a seven inch hunting knife.

    Model: Brandon Beemer

everything E L S E
    Special Abilities: Getting shit done.
    Wand: About 7 inches.
    Familiar: Want to be?
    Patronus: Uh… what?
    Boggart: ????
    Other: Speaks fluent Gaeilge.

about Y O U
    Name: Ange
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Email: afrench6389@gmail.com
    IM: angesaysrawr
    Experience: All of it.
    Other Characters: Alexa, Connor, Nora, Nadia, Jasper, Isabella, Trent, Maxwell, Lamar, Elliott, Amira, Sora, Alaina
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Callum McKenna
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Blood Status: Muggle
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Occupation: Financial Advisor/IRA Leader

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