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Connor and Aubrey Go to College

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Re: Connor and Aubrey Go to College

Postby Connor Mason » Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:06 pm

It's with a large smile that Connor steps out of the elevator when they reach the forth floor. He lets Aubrey step out first, before leading her down the hallway toward her room. He pauses when he sees the impatient blonde pacing in front of his doorway, cell phone in her hand. Aubrey runs into him, but they don't crash hard. Connor reinstates his pace and lets a small smile work it's way onto his face.

The blonde spins around, giving Aubrey a look before smiling broadly at Connor.

"Connor!" she says, and Connor can't stop his mixed reaction to the high-pitched squeal.

"Hey," he says, quietly, pecking her gently on the cheek as she all but throws herself into his full arms.

"I've been trying to get a hold of you," she whines in that voice. "Where've you been?"

"I've just been taking Aubrey to the grocery store," he says, nodding to Aubrey. "She's a new student. Aubrey, this is Adrienne." He's certain no one can note the pause in his words. "My girlfriend."

He furrows his brow at the smug look that crosses Adrienne's face. "Nice to meet you," she says, not bothering to look at or offer a hand to Aubrey.

Connor shifts, the weight of Aubrey's bags pulling on his limbs. "I, uh.... I'm just going to drop these off at Aubrey's room, okay? Then we'll catch up?" He shifts, trying to free his right hand from the bags. "Here, I'll just let you in...."

"Oh, don't worry," Adrienne purrs, stepping closer to him. "I'll get them." Her hand reaches into his pocket, much farther than she needs to in order to get his keys. Connor reddens and shifts uncomfortably before she withdraws her hand. "See you soon, baby."

"Right," Connor says, smiling weakly. With that, Adrienne lets herself into the room, and Connor and Aubrey are left to finish settling her things.

"Uh, sorry, I guess we're going to be cut short," he says, genuinely apologetic. "I didn't know she was going to show up today."
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Re: Connor and Aubrey Go to College

Postby Aubrey Leighton » Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:21 pm

Aubrey is entirely pleased with the day as she rides the elevator with Connor. When the two of them step onto their floor Aubrey doesn't have time to register everything before she bumps into Connor. She corrects herself quickly, but it happened none the less. Now she stifles a quiet cough. The hallway seems to be filled with a thick musk. Something sold to girls who think it must be classy if it's expensive.

Aubrey doesn't notice the look she receives or the body language between Connor and the shrew-like woman that excludes her, but the voice is enough to deter her. Aubrey does her best to force a smile onto her face, but that's about as far as her sociability extends.

Once Adrienne lets herself into Connor's room and Connor and Aubrey are alone in the hallway again there is an obvious pause before either of them does anything. Aubrey snaps to and resumes walking towards her room. She's trying to suppress her instinct to over-analyze what Connor said. Sorry, he didn't know that his girlfriend was going to show up today. Not sorry he didn't mention her or sorry...

"Thank you for taking me to the store," Aubrey repeats. There is a closing tone in her voice.

Unlocking her door, Aubrey finds herself begging that Liz won't be inside. That much, at least, is granted to her. Aubrey holds the door open for Connor.

"You can just set that stuff next to the bed." There is a pause as Connor sets her bags down. They both seem to shift awkwardly. Normally this would be time for more small-talk, Connor would probably offer to help her put things away, but there is someone waiting for Connor in his room.

"I'll...I'll see you later," Aubrey manages awkwardly.
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Re: Connor and Aubrey Go to College

Postby Connor Mason » Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:31 am

"You're welcome," Connor replies, completely aware of the awkward air now surrounding them. "Anytime."

He sets down the bags at the aforementioned location, stands upright, and teeters on his toes for a moment before Aubrey speaks again.

He grimaces in apology, not that she notices. "I'm sorry again. Enjoy your first day of classes tomorrow, and let me know how everything goes, okay? Or if you need anything?"

An affirmative answer has him heading back to his room, locking the door behind him. A coo comes from his bed and Connor makes his way over, bending down to kiss Adrienne where she's sprawled out in nothing but mismatch lace undergarments.

"Come up here, baby, I've missed you," she purrs at him.

Connor dutifully slides onto the bed next to her, returning a quiet, "I've missed you, too."

Adrienne rolls over, straddling Connor and securing her lips in a tight lock to his. Connor's hands settle on the top of Adrienne's hips, opening his lips to her and gently responding to her suggestive movements.

"Take this off," she says in what Connor imagines is supposed to be a seductive tone, but mostly just sounds like a command. He does, his shirt slipping over his head. Adrienne rakes a nail down his chest and Connor hisses uncomfortably. She just smiles.

It doesn't take long to perk Connor's interest, however. He's nineteen, and his now-naked girlfriend is making it very clear that she wants to have sex.

Connor's hands roam her body, sliding up her back to the base of her neck. One hand weaves itself into her hair and Adrienne pulls back.

"No hair," she reminds him, and Connor apologizes.

She flips them over and Connor kisses his way around her body. Everywhere from the neck down, no hickies. Adrienne starts moaning (she's always been loud), and some forty minutes later, she finally declares that she 'wants him.' Connor nearly cries in relief when he settles on top of her.

Seriously, it's been too long.

Not two minutes later, he hears a loud knocking on his door through Adrienne's sounds of pleasure, and he groans, stalling on top of her.

"Don't stop," Adrienne says in his ear.

"I have to," Connor replies, sweat beaded at his temple, his body screaming that it's revoking his man card for this betrayal.

He reluctantly get off Adrienne and the bed. She sighs, pulling the covers around herself. Connor puts on a pair of practice shorts and a tshirt, trying to adjust himself so this is the least awkward that it can be.

He opens the door to reveal a tall, dark-haired woman in short (short) shorts, and a barely-there beater.

"Can I help you?" he asks, trying not to look as annoyed as he is.
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Connor Mason
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