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A Fucking Reverie

Re: A Fucking Reverie

Postby Llewellyn Buckingham » Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:56 pm

Llewellyn purrs through a smirk as Callum moves his hands over her. The departure of his men was amusing. They know, at least one of them does, possibly even more than Callum does. The brand on his neck says so. Regardless, they leave and Callum and Llewellyn are alone.

As Callum speaks in her ear, pressing up against her, Llewellyn moves her lips up to his jaw. Her teeth flirt with his skin. She seems pleasant, appeased, until Callum continues his rhetorical line of questioning about her gender and guns.

"Well I thought maybe I'd shove one in my cunt. That way'red be something up there that doesn't want to make fucking pillow talk," Llewellyn says harshly, her impatience showing in her gravelly voice.

"Now if you want to keep running your fucking mouth, why don't you at least tell me what name I can call you when we fuck?" Now the sultry purr seems to return, masking the true sound of her voice, which may be a mirror of the true nature of her personality.
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